Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preliminary Findings to Rule Jackson's Death a Homicide

The Associated Press has revealed that according to one law enforcement official, the preliminary findings in the autopsy of Michael Jackson will prove his death a homicide. If so ruled, manslaughter charges will likely be brought against Michael's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who administered the deadly cocktail to "help him sleep."

Below is the condensed timeline of what occurred the night Michael overdosed (all times are approximate):
  • 1:30 a.m.: Murray gave Jackson 10 mg of Valium.
  • 2 a.m.: Murray injected Jackson with 2 mg of the anti-anxiety drug Ativan.
  • 3 a.m.: Murray then administered 2 mg of the sedative Versed.
  • 5 a.m.: Murray administered another 2 mg of Ativan.
  • 7:30 a.m.: Murray gave Jackson yet another 2 mg of Versed while monitoring him with a device that measured the oxygen saturation of his blood.
  • 10:40 a.m.: "After repeated demands/requests from Jackson," Murray administered 25 mg of propofol, the document said.
"Jackson finally went to sleep and Murray stated that he remained monitoring him. After approximately 10 minutes, Murray stated he left Jackson's side to go to the restroom and relieve himself. Murray stated he was out of the room for about two minutes maximum. Upon his return, Murray noticed that Jackson was no longer breathing," the affidavit said.

Efforts to resuscitate Michael failed, according to Murray.

Shortly after Murray said he found Jackson not breathing, Murray was on the phone with three separate callers starting at 11:18 a.m. and ending at 12:05 p.m., according to the court documents, which cite the doctor's phone records.

"Detectives believe that the miscellaneous prescriptions, from multiple doctors could have contributed to his death," the document said. "It cannot be determined whether the cause of death is due to the actions of a single night and/or a single doctor, or the grossly negligent treatment of several doctors over an extended period of time."

The Jackson family lawyer, Londell McMillan, said the report "reaffirms the very sad reality that there was a tragic and gross violation of duty and care for Michael Jackson."

A Jackson family publicist said that the "family looks forward to the day that justice can be served."

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