Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Richard Hatch Carted Back to Jail

The first Survivor winner, Richard Hatch (pictured left, in happier times), is back in jail today after recently being freed and placed under house arrest, which is scheduled to last until October 7. Allegedly Richard did not obtain prior permission from the Federal Bureau of Prisons for some radio interviews he did yesterday, which is in violation of his probation. He did receive permission to appear on the Today show, according to host Matt Lauer.

However, the radio stations did not obtain permission for Richard's calls because, according to John De Petro of WPRO, Richard called in on his own, without the radio station's prior knowledge.

In his interviews, Richard said that the judge in his tax evasion case discriminated against him because he (Richard) is gay. He also accused the prosecutor (former U.S. Attorney Robert Clark Corrente) of misconduct.

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