Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oliver Stone on Those Who "Show Off" on the Internet

Oliver Stone had some choice words about the Internet and those who use it to create their own "art." Never one to shy away from controversy, he told this to an audience of some of the biggest names in entertainment, advertising and Internet technology who gathered at Orbita US 2009, a digital media summit this past Tuesday night hosted by Terra in New York City.

(Quote credit via Terra’s Orbita US 2009)

• “I’ve heard the democratic argument [for the Internet] and I’m not an elitist, but Winston Churchill did make some kind of sense when he said the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. Let’s not kid ourselves: A mashup is not a movie. It’s offensive.”

• “Certainly at the beginning of this thing, the Internet was an enemy. It was just a disaster for people like me who are classically trained in film school.”

• “The Internet is a tool. If everybody just wants to jump on the tool and say I, hey I can make a mashup, or I can create my own news show, or show you my gymnastic ability, what is it about? We’ve got 6 billion people showing off. I don’t understand. How do you judge? What is life for? Is there a hierarchy of quality or not? Or is it all the same?”

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