Friday, February 5, 2010

The Forgotten Helps Find Remains of Missing Girl

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The last time Stephanie Clack saw older sister Paula Beverly Davis they were sharing a pizza at a Kansas City-area restaurant and talking about getting tickets to a Bon Jovi concert.

Later that night, she heard from a friend that Davis had gone missing.

The story of what happened to 21-year-old Davis began unfolding for Clack in October when a relative called her after watching an episode of The Forgotten and seeing a public service announcement for the Web site NamUs, the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System. The Department of Justice recently launched the Web site that's a repository for unidentified remains and missing persons.

Clack, 36, [went to the Web site and] punched in some of her sister's information and came up with about 10 possible matches.

"I was looking for characteristics she had that nobody else would know," she said. "Then I saw the one with the rose and the unicorn [tattoos], and I knew we had found her."

Davis' unidentified remains were buried in Montgomery County, in a grave with no name, no headstone. DNA testing has confirmed that the Jane Doe in Ohio was Paula Beverly Davis.

After finding Davis, her family faced another task: bringing her remains back to Kansas City. Her relatives didn't know how they would afford an expected $5,000 to have the body exhumed, cremated, sent to Kansas City and buried. Clack, who lives in Lone Jack outside Kansas City, was recently laid off from a toy store and her husband is also unemployed.

Then she got a call from NamUs, saying that the cast and crew of The Forgotten, including actor Christian Slater and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, had offered to help.

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