Monday, January 10, 2011

Q and A: Week of Jan. 10

Q: When will my favorite show, “Being Erica,” be back on SoapNet? It seems like it’s been forever! — Nicole S., Sacramento, Calif.

A: Erin Karpluk (pictured) and cast will be back for another season of time-traveling psychotherapy on Jan. 26 on SOAPnet at 11 p.m. ET/PT. Erica has graduated to group therapy, which means the introduction of some new cast members (as well as few visits from some familiar faces). When I spoke with Erin recently, I asked her what viewers can expect in the highly anticipated third season.

“It’s the same show, but it seems like we just went deeper into everything, into all of Erica’s different relationships and with her therapy, she said. “This season is about transformations. New characters are introduced. There’s a character, Adam, that’s introduced. I won’t say anything too much about what their relationship is, because Erica and Adam ended up with a very strong connection to each other. A new doctor is introduced, Dr. Arthur.

“Kai returns; Cassidy returns; Erica’s sister, Sam, gets a boyfriend, Lenin. Barb goes through some serious life changes. Erica is mourning the loss of her relationship with Ethan in a very realistic way. And there’s also Erica’s budding business with Julianne. They’re trying to get 50/50 Press up and running, and that will bring a lot of comedy to the show.”

Q: I love the FX show “Justified,” especially its star, Timothy Olyphant. I saw that he guest-starred on a few episodes of “The Office,” which he was great in, but it got me nervous that maybe “Justified” had been canceled. Has it? — Gennifer G., via e-mail

A: Don’t you worry — you’re in for another season of gun slinging when “Justified” returns for its sophomore season on Wednesday, Feb. 9, on FX. Not only will Timothy return as U.S. Deputy Marshal Raylan Givens, we’ll also see some new faces. New cast members include Margo Martindale (“Mercy”), Jeremy Davies (“Lost”), Joseph Lyle Taylor (“100 Centre Street”) and Brad William Henke (“October Road”). They will all play members of the Bennett family, the biggest pot farmers in eastern Kentucky.

Q: Has “Medium” been canceled? — Frankie T., via e-mail

A: The struggling drama starring Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber has indeed been canceled for the second time. The first time was in 2009, when NBC dropped the show from its schedule and CBS picked it up. But CBS recently announced that it had reduced season seven’s episodes from 22 to 13, with the series finale airing on Friday, Jan. 21.

Q: I love the Syfy series “Haven.” Will it be coming back? — Mary D. in Oklahoma

A: Syfy has renewed the supernatural drama series (based on Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid”) for a second season. The new season begins production in the spring and should start airing this summer (although a solid release date has not been issued).

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