Monday, June 20, 2011

Q and A: Week of June 20

Q: I love “Army Wives.” This past season was especially phenomenal. I can’t believe Frank and Denise lost their son, Jeremy. It really broke my heart. How did the cast handle shooting those scenes? — Sally D., Columbus, Ohio

A: You can bet those scenes were absolute torture to film. I spoke with Brigid Brannagh, who plays Pamela on the hit series, and she gave me the scoop: “We were all like, ‘Make this episode stop.’ It was so upsetting. And I’ve been to enough funerals where ‘Taps’ was played, and just hearing that song evokes so many things. It’s impossible not to feel completely consumed with melancholy when ‘Taps’ comes on.

We’ve met all these soldiers, heard stories and met people who have lost soldiers,” she said. “We’ve been so surrounded by this world, by this military Army life for all of these years, that you just think about a soldier that you love gone, and he’s just a boy. It tore all of us up. Watching Terry Serpico (who plays Jeremy’s father) walk in and trying not to cry — oh my God, it was terrible. It was just heart wrenching all the time. But we all really appreciated what it was. It was just a long day shoot.”

Q: My sister and I want to know what happened to our favorite show, “Bleep My Dad Says.” Will it be back, and if so, when? — Linda P., via e-mail

Q: What happened to “Human Target”? It just disappeared from TV. — Carol S., via e-mail

Q: Is it true that “Brothers and Sisters” and “Off the Map” are both being canceled next season? I hope not, as I am a big fan of both of them. — Sharon M. in California

Q: Have you heard if another network has picked up “Detroit 1-8-7″ or “Body of Proof”? They both were both fabulous. — Lee K., via e-mail

A: To answer all of your questions in one fell swoop, ABC has renewed the Dana Delany medical drama “Body of Proof.” However, the other shows mentioned weren’t so lucky and have been canceled. You can get a full rundown of which shows are returning, along with which new shows have been picked up at

Q: What is my favorite dancer, Derek Hough, doing? Why wasn’t he on this spring’s season of “Dancing With the Stars”? — Marilyn S., via e-mail

A: Derek, 26, took a break from the hit dancing show to focus on his acting and singing career, much like sister Julianne. He guest-starred on an episode of “Better With You” and is slated to star in the movie “Cobu 3D.” He also is in a band with fellow “DWTS” dancer Mark Ballas, called the Ballas Hough Band, which released its first record in March 2009. Fun fact: He played the uncredited role, Hogwarts schoolboy, in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

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