Monday, June 27, 2011

Q and A: Week of June 27

Leeza on Dancing with the Stars (credit ABC)
Q: I was wondering what one of my favorite TV hosts, Leeza Gibbons, has been up to lately. Is there a show on which I can catch this beautiful lady? — Paul G., via e-mail

A: Leeza, 54, recently married her beau of almost three years, Steven Fenton. The former longtime “Entertainment Tonight” host — who hosts the PBS show “My Generation” — will be back on daily TV this fall on the syndicated program, “America Now,” with Bill Rancic. On Sept. 12 she joins the half-hour daily news program, which will deliver short segments of timely information covering lifestyle topics like health, beauty, finance, family and home. Check your local listings as the premiere date gets closer, and check back here in mid-July to read my full interview with the gorgeous newlywed.

Q: I too am a longtime Don Johnson fan and would love to see him on the screen again — any screen. Since his pilot “Mann’s World” wasn’t picked up, do you know if he has anything else in the works? — Whitney A., via e-mail

A: If you haven’t already seen his turn on this past season’s “Eastbound & Down” as Kenny Powers’ father, Eduardo Sanchez, then you first and foremost must watch that. Then head over to Will Ferrell’s comedy website,, and check out Don’s hilarious short, “Four Loko Vineyards.” Then you’ll need to wait a little while to see him in the thriller, “Vineyard Haven,” which is set for a spring 2012 release, where Don plays an eccentric writing professor who wedges himself between a couple in distress.

Q: I finally saw the Sylvester Stallone shoot-’em-up extravaganza, “The Expendables,” on DVD the other night. The movie was actually a lot of fun, and I was surprised to have enjoyed it so much. I also noticed that the ending left it open for a possible sequel. Could there be plans for one? — Jessica R., Hamilton, Ohio

A: You know it! The movie took in $266 million worldwide, so you can bet Sly and company want to cash in on this particular cash cow. All of the original “good guys” are rumored to be returning for the sequel, which is set for an August 2012 release. There’s no word yet on whether ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to make another cameo (or perhaps a larger role this time?) in the sequel.

READERS: Thanks to all who entered Celebrity Extra’s summer of contests. Congrats to Steven S., Aaron B., Anthony S., Jennifer B. and Tiffany R., who each won an autographed CD of Rachel Fine’s debut CD, “Own Your Own.” Chris C., Frank G., David D., Alicia W., and Rita R. all won a copy of Barton Seaver’s cookbook, “For Cod and Country.” And last but not least, congrats to Kary S., who won the “True Blood” season three DVD set.

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