Monday, July 18, 2011

Q and A: Week of July 18

Q: I keep reading about there being a remake of “Red Dawn” in the works (with no release date in sight), and I wondered how stars of the original 1984 version felt about this? I have my doubts they’ll be able to pull it off — the original is such a cult classic. — Brandi R., Erie, Pa.

A: I spoke with Lea Thompson, who played Erica in the original movie, and she also is a little iffy about the remake.

“I have my doubts, clearly,” she said, “because they haven’t released it yet although it’s supposedly been done for ages. I’ll be really interested to see it. One of the really amazing things about the original ‘Red Dawn’ is that there were no special effects in terms of computer-generated effects. Everything that happened really happened, which makes it more of a visceral nightmare. Sometimes some things left to the imagination are actually more haunting.”

You can catch Lea starting July 30 in Hallmark Movie Channel’s “The Cabin,” where she plays a single mom who brings her kids to Scotland for fun and games, and for her, a little unexpected romance. She also stars in ABC Family’s “Switched at Birth,” and is featured in December’s Oscar contender “J. Edgar,” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Josh Lucas, Judi Dench and Naomi Watts.

Q: I can’t believe Chris Meloni left “Law and Order: SVU”! Who will they get to replace him? — Anna F., Fresno, Calif.

A: “Cold Case” alum Danny Pino is set to fill Detective Stabler’s absence. As “SVU” enters its 13th season, Mariska Hargitay has opted for a reduced role, having signed on for only the first 13 episodes of the new season. So, to help fill that void, actress Kelli Giddish (“Chase” and “Past Life”) has been cast as a new detective as well.

Q: I love "Thw Twilight Saga" and wondered, are there are plans to bring Stephenie Meyers’ sci-fi novel, “The Host,” to the big screen? — Selena F., via e-mail

A: Open Road films announced that the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie’s apocalyptic book will be released March 29, 2013. The movie stars Saoirse Ronan (“The Lovely Bones” and “Atonement”) as Melanie Stryder, and it is scheduled to begin shooting this February in Louisiana and New Mexico.

Q: Who is going to be the new boss on “The Office”? — Janie P., via e-mail

A: James Spader is all set to pick up where Steve Carell left off. This got me to thinking: Who would be a perfect foil to play James’ wife? None other than Beth Littleford. I asked Beth what she thought of the idea, and she is on board, stating: “I’d love to play his wife. I’ve had a thing for James Spader for 25-plus years. Blame ‘Tuff Turf’ (and also Steff, the sexy, arrogant yuppie from “Pretty in Pink”). Then again, I’d happily play Dwight Schrute’s wife, Stanley Hudson’s wife or Phyllis Vance’s life partner.”

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