Monday, July 25, 2011

Q and A: Week of July 25

Russell Ferguso
Q: I’ve been loving this season of “So You Think You Can Dance,” and it got me to wondering how one of my favorite past winners has been doing. Can you tell me what season-six winner Russell Ferguson has been up to lately? — Dominique F., via e-mail

A: Since winning the “SYTYCD” title in December 2009, Russell has been busy dancing, teaching and acting. I spoke with him recently, and he gave me the scoop: “Right after (I won “SYTYCD”), I got to perform at the Academy Awards. I’ve been teaching pretty much everywhere around the country: Virginia, Utah, Washington and Cali. I’m in a film called ‘Battlefield America’ that’ll be out probably at the end of next year. It’s definitely the next big dance movie.”

Russell and the rest of America can re-live their favorite “SYTYCD” moments from seasons six through eight starting Friday, Aug. 5 on Ovation. The network is producing original extras featuring the judges, dancers and choreographers as they reveal their favorite moments from the show. Go to for a complete schedule.

Q: One of my favorite summer movies so far has been “Thor.” Any plans for a sequel? — Ted G., Allentown, Pa.

A: It just so happens that the moneymaking movie about an ax-wielding superhero is prime for a sequel, which Disney and Marvel Studios plan to deliver. Chris Hemsworth will be back to play the title character, and you can expect the sequel to come swinging into theaters in July 2013.

Chelsea Rendon
Q: I recently saw “A Better Life” and was really impressed by the young actress who played bad girl Ruthie. Can you tell me a little about her? — Tanya D., via e-mail

A: Up-and-comer Chelsea Rendon played Ruthie Valdez, the gang-member girlfriend of Luis. When I spoke with Chelsea, she told me she had always wanted to be an actress or performer, especially after seeing the performance of her idol, Jennifer Lopez, in “Selena.” Chelsea went on to get guest parts in “ER,” “Judging Amy” and “FlashForward,” and she is hoping “A Better Life” will be her break into something even bigger and better.

Working with director Chris Weitz, who also directed “New Moon,” has its fringe benefits, aside from getting to work with a genius. Chelsea told me: “Chris got me tickets to the ‘Eclipse’ premiere. I met Taylor Lautner, and I was so proud of myself for staying calm. I also got to meet Peter Facinelli and everybody else. It was so cool, because these are people that I like and look up to.”

Q: I really love “The Voice.” Will it be back with all four judges for another season? — Stacy S., Atlanta

A: Don’t you worry — Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will all be back when the musical-competition show resumes midseason on NBC on Monday nights. Be on the lookout in the new year!

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