Monday, September 12, 2011

Q and A: Week of Sept. 12

Anna Kournikova
Q: Can you tell me when my favorite show, “The Biggest Loser,” will be back for its next season? I can’t wait for it to start! — Edie T., via e-mail

A: The weight-loss competition/reality show will be back for its 12th season on NBC beginning Tuesday, Sept. 20 (8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET). This season sees “The Biggest Loser” with two new trainers: tennis star Anna Kournikova (who replaces Jillian Michaels) and celebrity trainer Dolvett Quince. Trainer Bob Harper and host Alison Sweeney will return, and they will be joined by 15 contestants competing in a “Battle of the Ages,” which groups contestants by age. There will be three teams of five divided by age: the youngest players, all under 30; the middle players, ages 30 to 49; and the older players, ages 50 and above.

Q: I loved “Spin City,” and I can find the seasons with Michael J. Fox as the star on DVD, but can’t find the seasons when Charlie Sheen took over. Do they ever plan to release those seasons? — Darren D., Spokane, Wash.

A: When Michael J. Fox retired from the successful sitcom after the fourth season, Charlie Sheen joined Heather Locklear and company, taking over as Deputy Mayor Charlie Crawford for the fifth and sixth seasons. The fifth season also was a who’s who of guest stars, including Marcia Cross, Kal Penn, Regis Philben, Raquel Welch, Dakota Fanning, Jason Priestley, Rosie O’Donnell, Seth Meyers, Scott Wolf and Alyssa Milano. Season five is finally available on DVD, and can be found online and wherever your favorite DVDs are sold.

Q: This spring I really got into Christian Slater’s new show called “Breaking In.” I was so sad when it was canceled by Fox. Now I am hearing it might not be canceled. Is that true? — Dylan F., via e-mail

A: In an almost-unprecedented reversal, Fox decided to uncancel the caper comedy that centered on a team that is hired by companies to break into their own security systems in order to find flaws and weak links. Back in May, all signs pointed to “Breaking In” coming back for the fall, but when the fall schedule was announced a short time later, the show was nowhere to be seen. After much behind-the-scenes negotiation, Fox announced in August that the show would be back for 13 episodes to begin airing midseason 2012.

Q: I was an avid viewer of the ABC show “V,” and especially loved the character of Father Landry. Can you tell me if I can see the actor who played him in anything else soon? — Vivian A. in Pennsylvania

A: Joel Gretsch, who played freedom fighter and priest Jack Landry on the ABC sci-fi show about aliens invading Earth, has risen from the ashes of “V” and can next be seen this fall on NBC’s “The Playboy Club” as a recurring character who clashes with Eddie Cibrian’s Nick Dalton.

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