Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Q and A: Week of Oct. 17

Josh Holloway (you're welcome)
Q: I loved the TV show ‘Lost’ and have been wondering about the man who played Sawyer. He is such a good actor. Do you have any info on what he’s doing now? — Janet R., Newark, Ohio

A: The handsome Josh Holloway, 42, has been keeping pretty busy since ‘Lost’ ended last year. You can see him again soon on the big screen in ‘Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.’ In the movie, which hits theaters on Dec. 21, Josh plays Trevor Hanaway, a member of Ethan Hunt’s (played by Tom Cruise) Mission Impossible force, along with Ving Rhames and Academy Award-nominee Jeremy Renner.

Q: I am heartbroken that Fox has canceled ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ I’ve watched the show since the beginning, and I am so proud of all the good John Walsh and his crew have done to ‘get those dirtbags off the streets’! Is there an address for Fox that we can write to, hopefully to change their minds? — Gertrude T., via e-mail

A: I have good news for you, Gertrude. Lifetime Television recently announced that it has picked up John Walsh’s top crime-fighting show, which will return for its 25th season later this year. While there is not an exact airdate scheduled as of this writing, keep an eye on this column for updates as I get them. Also, check back here as December gets closer for my exclusive interview with John Walsh about the resurrection of ‘AMW’ on Lifetime. I’m sure we’ll also talk about all those ‘creeps’ and ‘slimeballs’ that John will be trying to capture this upcoming season.

Q: I really liked your idea a few months back of having Beth Littleford (of ‘Crazy Stupid Love’) playing James Spader’s wife in ‘The Office’ this season, but now I hear Maura Tierney has been tapped for the part. Is that true? If so, what do you think about that? — Holly T., via e-mail

A: While Maura is no stranger to comedy — she co-starred on ‘News Radio’ from 1995-99 — she usually plays the straight (wo)man, which is exactly what James Spader needs, now that we are getting a better idea of what his character, Robert California, is like. So now I make this modest proposal: How about we cast Beth as Robert’s Scranton mistress? Her offbeat and hilarious sense of humor, along with her improv skills and deadpan humor, would make her the perfect ‘secret lover’ for the new boss, as well as an excellent foil for the rest of the cast. Are you listening, Paul Lieberstein and crew?

Q: I really like the reality/survival series, ‘The Colony,’ on the Discovery Channel. When will the third season start? — Jane R., Philadelphia

A: According to a Discovery Channel representative, currently there are no plans to bring ‘The Colony’ back in 2011. I’ll keep checking and keep you posted as I learn any more details for 2012.

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