Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Q and A: Week of Nov. 7

Kevin Dillon
Q: I’m writing to inquire about ‘Human Target.’ Is it coming back this fall, or maybe as a midseason replacement? At the end of the program last summer, it said it was the season finale, not the series finale. — Fran N. in Ohio

A: Everyone involved in a show is always hopeful that it will get picked up for another season, hence the wording of ‘season finale’ versus ‘series finale.’ After the second-season finale aired, Fox decided not to renew ‘Human Target’ for a third season. But hey, at least it got to have two seasons.

Even more of this fall’s new shows have been canceled after airing only a few episodes, including the CW’s ‘H8R,’ ABC’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ (which will air its remaining produced episodes) and CBS’s ‘How to Be a Gentleman,’ starring ‘Entourage’ star Kevin Dillon.

On the critical list are NBC’s ‘Prime Suspect’ and ABC’s ‘Man Up!’ ABC’s ‘Pan Am’ started fairly well, but has been hemorrhaging viewers left and right. However, this seems to be ABC’s darling, so it might get the network support it needs to survive the season.

Q: When will ‘Merlin’ return for another season on Syfy? — Mary D., via Facebook

A: Syfy confirmed at this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con that ‘Merlin’ will return in early 2012 for its fourth season. However as of this writing, no firm date had been set. Also, BBC-One, which produces and airs the show first in the U.K., has approved a fifth season of the popular fantasy, and considering its good ratings on Syfy, there’s a great chance we’ll get a fifth season here as well.

Q: Is ‘Shark Tank’ gone from TV? I loved that show. Will it come back? —Anonymous, via e-mail

A: ‘Shark Tank’ will be back midseason 2012 on ABC for its third season, along with ‘Secret Millionaire,’ which returns for its second season. Producers for the hit entrepreneurial reality show have not yet announced an exact airdate for the season premiere of ‘Shark Tank,’ but if past seasons are any indication, expect it sometime between January and March 2012.

Q: What is going on with Netflix? Is it still going to be around, or is it going to be Qwikster? I am so confused. — Dee Dee T. in Georgia

A: Netflix recently reversed its decision — in a rare move of a big corporation actually listening to its customers! — of having two separate websites/companies for its DVD-mailing service (which was to be Qwikster) versus its streaming service (Netflix). Because customers did not want the hassle of having two separate accounts, movie queues and billing statements if they wanted both mail and streaming DVDs, they voiced their complaints, and Netflix listened. Look for everything at Netflix to remain the same — at least for the time being.


  1. "Pan AM' is an ABC show.

  2. Thanks - you are correct! One letter really does make a difference!!