Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Q and A: Week of March 5

Annie Potts, Leslie Bibb (photo by Karen Neal/ABC)
Q: I love Annie Potts in just about everything I see her in, and her new show “GCB” is definitely included. Where does she get her inspiration for the fun and eclectic characters she portrays? — Ginny W., via e-mail

A: For her role of Gigi Stopper, Annie found inspiration from a dear friend, the late Dixie Carter, whom she starred with on “Designing Women.” I spoke with Annie recently about “GCB” — which I agree is a must-see — and she told me how she formed the character of Gigi: “I have lovingly borrowed from Dixie Carter. Were she still alive, the role would have been hers and should have been, but since she took early leave, I just decided to play it like her. I think that she would approve.

“Dixie was sensationally beautiful, religious, Republican, conservative and had two daughters whom she worshipped. She always had stockings on, and she was immaculately groomed all the time. Even if I went over there to her house early in the morning, she always looked good. And she was always in the pew on Sunday. I think that’s the way Gigi is.” See for yourself, and check out “GCB” on ABC Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

Q: Will Noah Wylie’s new show, “Falling Skies,” be back for another season? It was my favorite new show of last season. — Frankie A., Charlotte, N.C.

A: “Falling Skies” will return to TNT this summer as part of its exciting original summer-programming lineup. “Lost” alumnus Terry O’Quinn will join Noah for at least two episodes, playing a mentor of sorts for Tom Mason.

Q: I loved “Wedding Crashers.” Will Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn make another movie soon? They are so good together. — Alec. D., via e-mail

A: A lot of people agree with you, including the dynamic comedy duo themselves: Owen and Vince have signed on to co-star together in the new big-screen comedy “Interns,” where they’ll play two middle-aged men forced to re-evaluate their careers after being laid off. It follows their resulting struggle to reclimb the corporate ladder.

Dear Readers: Because I get tons of letters asking about “The Waltons,” I wanted to share this programming information with you. The Hallmark Channel will air “A Walton Easter” on Saturday, March 31, at 6 p.m. ET/PT, 5 p.m. CT. The television movie, which originally aired in 1997, takes place in 1969, where John-Boy (Richard Thomas) is now a married New York TV news anchor and is writing a new book. When John-Boy and his very pregnant wife, Janet (Kate McNeil), join his family for the celebration of his parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, John-Boy yearns to move back to the mountain, which conflicts with Janet’s wishes to stay in New York.

Immediately following, enjoy “A Decade of the Waltons,” a family special that highlights the greatest moments from “The Waltons,” and is hosted by Earl Hammer Jr., creator and narrator of the original show.

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