Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Q and A: Week of Aug. 19

Q: Can you tell me what Mary McCormack has been doing since “In Plain Sight” ended? — Paula S., via e-mail

A: You can catch Mary now in the independent film “Escape from Polygamy,” which premieres Saturday, Aug. 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime. Beginning Oct. 3, Mary returns to series television in the new NBC single-camera comedy “Welcome to the Family,” which also stars Mike O’Malley (“Glee”), Ella Rae Peck (“Deception”) and Ricardo Chavira (“Desperate Housewives”). “Family” gets a prime spot, airing after NBC comedy mainstay “Parks and Rec,” hopefully helping to fill the void that “The Office” has left in the network’s Thursday night comedy block.

Q: A while back you mentioned “Witches of East End” was going to be a series on Lifetime, and I wondered if you had any more information on it? I loved the book, so I am curious about the series. — Annette D. in Connecticut

A: Lifetime recently announced a premiere date for its newest drama, which features an all-star cast headlined by Emmy Award-winner Julia Ormond, Madchen Amick, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Rachel Boston as a family of witches living in the secluded seaside town of East Haven. “Witches of East End” will cast its spell beginning Sunday, Oct. 6, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Also set to star are Eric Winter, Daniel DiTomasso, Jason George and Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Virginia Madsen.

As you mentioned, the series is inspired by Melissa de la Cruz’s best-selling novel “Witches of East End,” and centers on the mysterious Beauchamp family: Joanna (Ormond) and her two grown daughters: Freya (Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Boston), both of whom are unaware that they are witches. Freya is recently engaged to the man of her dreams, wealthy playboy Dash Gardiner (Winter), but when she finds herself inexplicably drawn to Dash’s troubled, enigmatic brother, Killian (DiTomasso), bizarre occurrences begin to manifest in her life. Joanna’s long-estranged sister Wendy (Amick) shows up, forcing Joanna to reveal to her daughters they are immortal witches who possess great untapped powers.

Q: I thought Tom Cruise was passing the “Mission: Impossible” mantle to Jeremy Renner. Now I hear Tom will star in the fifth movie. Is that true? — Gerald L., via e-mail

A: Yes and no. Tom will star in “Mission: Impossible 5,” which is scheduled for a 2015 release (most likely summer). Jeremy will be his co-star, but he was never brought on to replace Tom; he was added to the roster to partner with him. And as long as Tom keeps drinking from the Fountain of Youth, I say they should keep him on as long as they can.

Q: Is “Poltergeist” being remade? — Linley J., Harrisburg, Pa.

A: Details are sketchy about the new project, but I can tell you that an updated “Poltergeist” is in production, with Sam Rockwell in talks to co-star with Rosemarie DeWitt, according to “Variety.”

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