Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Q and A: Week of May 19

Q: I read about Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor and Park” in your column a while back, and now I hear it’s going to be a movie. I’m so happy to hear this because I loved the book. Will she be writing the screenplay for the movie as well? — Staci R., via email

A: Rainbow has indeed been tapped to write the screenplay for her first movie, and she’s thrilled for the opportunity. I asked Rainbow how it all came about, and who she sees in the parts of Eleanor and Park. “I’d been talking to DreamWorks for a few months about it. I was nervous at first because the book is so much in my control, and a film is an entirely different organism. But I kept thinking about how wonderful it would be to see Park and Eleanor on that screen. The studio and producer, Carla Hacken, seem really dedicated to bringing the book to life. I'm excited.”

As for who should play the teenage sweethearts, Rainbow is up for anything. “I don't have anyone in mind. It’s hard to imagine established actors in the roles, because there just aren’t that many starring roles for a chubby redhead and a 16-year-old Korean boy, which makes it all the more exciting.”

Q: Thank you for the update on Sharon Lawrence. She’s been one of my favorite actresses since “NYPD Blue.” Will she be in a series on a regular basis any time soon? — Denise K., via email

A: recently gave the greenlight to Chris Carter’s (writer/creator of “The X-Files”) latest supernatural drama called “The After,” which follows eight strangers who are thrown together by mysterious forces and must help each other survive in a violent world that defies explanation. The series stars Sharon, as well as Aldis Hodge, Andrew Howard, Arielle Kebbel, Jamie Kennedy, Jaina Lee Ortiz, Adrian Pasdar and Louise Monot. You can watch the pilot episode now on; there is no word yet on a premiere date for the rest of the season, but it will be later this year or early next.

Q: I was surprised when David Letterman announced he was going to retire in 2015. Who will take his place on “The Late Show”? — Myra T., Birmingham, Ala.

A: Stephen Colbert is set to bring his brand of “truthiness” to “The Late Show,” as he’s been slated to take over for David upon his retirement at the end of this year. It was recently learned that CBS first approached Neil Patrick Harris as David’s replacement, a job offer that Neil subsequently turned down. When Neil appeared on Howard Stern’s show last week, he told the shock jock: “I told [them] the things that concerned me about the longevity of that kind of gig, that I think I would get bored of the repetition fast, and that the structure of it is so set, that I don’t have any interest in doing monologue, commercial, sketch, guest, guest, musical act, goodnight.“ He did pitch a variety show of sorts, which might get to see the light of day, if Neil has his druthers.

Q: I know there’s a lot of source material left for many more seasons of “Game of Thrones,” so please tell me there will be more seasons of the HBO series. — Justin R., Albany, NY

A: You can bet the Iron Throne that the incredibly popular adventure/fantasy series will be back — for at least two more seasons. HBO has renewed “Game of Thrones” for a fifth and sixth season. Currently in its fourth season, “Game” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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