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Q and A: Week of Aug. 21

Jamie Gray Hyder
Q: Can you tell me about the actress who plays Lucia on “Graceland”? She looks familiar to me. What else has she been on? — Patrick J., via email

A: Jamie Gray Hyder is perhaps best known for playing Danielle, a werewolf in Alcide’s pack, last season on “True Blood.” After her “TB” stint ended, she went on to co-star on “Graceland” as Lucia Solano, who is just trying to live life on the straight and narrow — unlike her brother, Carlito, and the rest of her family. I spoke with Jamie recently about her new role, as well as what we can expect as “Graceland” wraps up its second season on the USA network.

“Lucia wants to get a real job and be independent and prosperous, in a legal way. She wants to be able to live a normal life and have normal relationships. She doesn’t get to have friends or lovers, because those relationships are constantly ruined by the antics of her brother and the rest of her family. She’s just striving for normalcy and is constantly being dragged through the mud.”

She did give me a little tease as to what to expect in the finale: “It’s a two-part finale, and it’s definitely designed to leave everyone wanting more. I just got done shooting it, and it’s all very fresh in my mind. I’ll tell you this, when I read the finale, I was shocked.”

Q: Is it true that there is going to be another “Terminator” movie? — Kalli R., Modesto, Calif.

A: Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back on July 1, 2015 as the aforementioned Terminator in “Terminator: Genisys.” The fifth installment of the futuristic action series also stars Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen of “Game of Thrones”) as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke (no relation to Emilia) as John Connor, and Jai Courtney (Eric in the “Divergent” trilogy) as Kyle Reese. I am curious as to the timeline of this film, because Emilia and Jai are in their 20s, and Jason, who plays their son, John, is in his 40s. So, I’ll guess that some crisscrossing time-travel component definitely will play a part in this movie (as in all the “Terminator” films).

Q: What has Adrien Brody been doing lately? — Gina T., via email

A: Next up for Adrien is starring as the great magician-showman Henry Houdini in “Houdini,” the History Channel original miniseries, which airs Sept. 1 and 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The miniseries follows the epic tales of Harry Houdini as he emerges as America’s first bona-fide world-renowned superstar. “Houdini” delves deep behind the curtain into his life through his stunts, visions and mastery of illusion.

Q: Will my favorite summer series, “Suits,” be back for another season? — Fallon F., via email

A: USA’s hit legal dramedy, which had its midseason finale Aug. 20, has indeed been renewed for a 16-episode fifth season. Also, look for the second half of season four in spring 2015.

Q: Will my favorite show, “Fargo,” be back for another season? — Paul R., via email

A: You betcha! FX has renewed the critically acclaimed drama — which is based on the Coen brothers’ hit movie of the same name — for a second season, especially after it racked up 18 Emmy nominations! Season two, which will consist of 10 episodes, most likely will air in fall 2015, although no specific date has been set.

Adam Korson, photo by Diana Ragland
Q: I had been watching this new show on the CW network called “Seed,” and I really liked it. Now I can’t find it anywhere. Can you tell me what happened to it? — George S., via email

A: The Canadian comedy (to which the CW bought the rights) is about a 30-something ne’er-do-well — and previous sperm donor — who becomes acquainted with the offspring he never knew he had. It didn’t do so well in the ratings and was canceled after two shows. The CW has said it plans to air the remaining episodes online.

This truly is a shame for American audiences because I had the pleasure of interviewing series star Adam Korson about the show, and he’s truly one of the nicest people you could ever meet. In Adam’s words about the show: “This is a show for those who want a half-hour to laugh and escape from your everyday life. You’re going to watch it, and you’re going to relate to it. I remember as a kid I would tune into ‘Seinfeld’ because I knew for that half-hour, I was going to be laughing and be taken on a crazy journey. I think that’s good television, and that’s what our show is.”

Q: I’ve loved Portia de Rossi ever since “Ally McBeal,” and especially in “Arrested Development,” but I haven’t seen her in anything lately. What can I see her in next? — Kellie Y., Bowling Green, Ohio

A: The gorgeous and talented actress — and wife of Ellen DeGeneres — will be hitting the small screen this fall when she appears in a multi-episode arc of the hit ABC political drama “Scandal.” And what better way to announce your next project than by your wife “accidentally” letting it slip on Twitter? Ellen recently announced to her millions of Twitter followers: “So annoying when people brag on Twitter, and that’s why I’m not tweeting that Portia just signed on to do a top-secret arc on Scandal. Oops.” “Scandal” returns for its fourth season on Sept. 25 at 9/8c. (Note the time change from last season.)

Q: Can you tell me what Naomi Watts has coming up? She is always such a joy to watch. — Nathan H., Fresno, Calif.

A: The versatile and award-winning actress recently started work in a prominent role in ”Insurgent“ and ”Allegiant,“ movies two and three of the ”Divergent“ trilogy. Naomi plays Evelyn, mother of Four and leader of an insurgent rebel group, the Factionless. She’ll also give viewers more of a glimpse into the background of her son, Four (played by Theo James), the restrained and self-contained Dauntless leader. Shooting began this summer in Atlanta, and is scheduled for a March 20, 2015 premiere date.

Q: Is ”Boardwalk Empire“ returning for another season? — Gord, Mission, British Columbia

A: The Emmy Award-winning HBO drama will return for its fifth and final season on Sept. 7. This eight-episode season takes place during the depths of the Depression in 1931, wherein Enoch ”Nucky“ Thompson (played by Steve Buscemi) recalls his Atlantic City roots and plots a post-Prohibition future. Says series creator Terence Winter: ”We look forward to bringing it to a powerful and exciting conclusion.“

Katheryn Winnick
Q: Do you have any news about “Vikings”? — Bob L. in Minnesota

A: I do have some casting news: History announced that for season three of the hit historical drama, Lothaire Bluteau will portray Emperor Charles of France, a powerful man who views battling the Vikings as spiritual and earthly; Kevin Durand will play the Wanderer, a mysterious man who is not what he seems; Morgane Polanski has been cast as Princess Gisla, the elegant, self-possessed daughter of Emperor Charles; and Ben Robson will play Kalf, Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) trusted second in command.

Q: I can’t seem to get enough of “Falling Skies”! Can you tell me if it will be back next summer? — Dean P., via email

A: “Falling Skies” will indeed return to TNT next summer to wrap up its epic story during its fifth (and final) season. Ten new episodes in summer 2015 will tie a pretty (or not-so-pretty) bow on the hit sci-fi drama, and I’m hoping that all of our questions will be answered. But, now that I think about it, I kind of hope all of our questions WON’T be answered so there will be a reason for a future big-screen version of the series (like “Star Trek” and “The X-Files”).

And speaking of hit dramas, TNT also has renewed two more of its chart-topping summer series: Freshman drama “The Last Ship” will be back for a 13-episode season two (up from a 10-episode first season). Courtroom/crime drama “Major Crimes” also has been renewed for a fourth season, with a 15-episode order.

Q: My mom told me that she heard my favorite book, “The Red Tent,” is being made into a movie. Is that true? If so, can you tell me what you know about it? — Jessica G., Reno, Nevada

A: Production began in May in Morocco on Lifetime’s major two-night miniseries “The Red Tent,” which is based on the best-selling novel by Anita Diamant. For those unfamiliar with the book, “The Red Tent” is the sweeping tale of Dinah, the daughter of Leah and Jacob, who was seen only in small glimpses in the Old Testament. The miniseries will air later this year, and stars Minnie Driver, Morena Baccarin, Rebecca Ferguson (as Dinah), Iain Glen, Will Tudor and Debra Winger.

The miniseries begins with Dinah’s happy childhood spent inside the red tent, where only the women of her tribe are allowed to gather and share the traditions and turmoil of ancient womanhood. Told through Dinah’s eyes, the film recounts the story of her mothers Leah (Minnie), Rachel (Morena), Zilpah and Bilhah — the four wives of Jacob (Iain) — and Jacob’s courtship of them. The saga continues as Dinah matures and experiences an intense love that subsequently leads to a devastating loss, changing her and her family’s lives forever. Debra portrays Rebecca, Jacob’s mother, while Will stars as Joseph, Dinah’s brother.

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