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Interview: Heroes Reborn Keeps Gatlin Green on Her Toes

Gatlin Green as Emily on Heroes Reborn
Courtesy NBC
Young actress Gatlin Green is a rising star with many talents: The Nashville native is a singer, actress and model who’s starring in the juggernaut series “Heroes Reborn.” Ever since rumblings that the hit series was returning to NBC, fans around the world have rejoiced. This limited event series picks up from its winter hiatus tomorrow night at 8/7c for three more episodes, with the hopes that the show might return the following year with another event series. When I spoke with Gatlin recently, she was all for continuing the “Heroes” saga, and our fingers will be crossed that this hope comes to fruition.

Celebrity Extra: You’ve been singing professionally since you were a young child, and acting and modeling almost as long. Have you always known that you wanted to perform in some sort of capacity?

Gatlin Green: It all happened through my mom. She was a singer in a group called Sierra, and they toured for about 10 years. It was awesome. She did a photo shoot, and we (the kids) ended up showing up at the last minute. She pulled us on the stage and the photographer shot pictures of us, and he said that we took really good directions, and that we should think about getting an agent. So my mom did take us to an agency — she thought just for modeling — but when we got there, they asked us if we wanted to do acting. At 4 and 6 years old, my brother and I said: “Yeah! Absolutely!” From then on, we traveled back and forth from Nashville to L.A. We finally moved to L.A. about a year ago, and it’s been such an awesome experience and journey for us.

CE: Were you a fan of “Heroes” before being cast as Emily?

GG: I actually missed it on the first go-round because I was too young, but I definitely knew how huge it was and how much of a cult following it had of super-dedicated fans who absolutely loved it. I was excited that it would be coming back, and I knew the ginormous opportunity I had been given with the opportunity to audition for it.

CE: And this summer you got a taste of epic fandom of the “Heroes” crowd when you went to Comic-Con.

GG: That was my first full-on Comic-Con experience. I have to say it’s probably one of my favorite things we’ve done to this day, because it was so much fun. And I’m a nerd a little bit. I’m not an extremist nerd in that I can memorize all the facts about “Dr. Who” and every director of every episode and the writers and all of that, but I love “Dr. Who.” I love “Spider-Man.” And I will nerd out with you about that if we ever talk about it. So Comic-Con was super exciting for me.

CE: The “Heroes Reborn” cast must have been in high demand too, since it’s so popular.

GG: Oh my gosh, yeah. It was back-to-back tons of stuff. For us as a cast, it was different because we’re a brand-new show. Of course, we have the “Heroes” fan base, but nobody really knew what to expect with this new show. We were walking in blind because most of us had never been to Comic-Con. I think it was beyond any expectations that we might have had. We all had a blast.

CE: How did you go about preparing for and creating the character of Emily?

GG: It’s interesting because of the way that we shot the show. We’d get only a few scripts at a time, maybe one or two, because we’d usually film a set of two episodes at a time. So I never had the full story of who Emily was. We were figuring that out as we went along and seeing where the scripts would take her, and then trying to put my own twist on it and making it my own character. Thankfully she’s a pretty sweet and simple character, so there’s not a lot to make your own apart from that. But it was definitely cool to adapt to what each episode was with Emily, and it was exciting to get the new scripts to see what Emily was going to get into, what chaos or drama was going to happen around Emily. It was definitely fun having to be on my toes as Emily.

CE: What is it like working on the show? It seems like it would be a really fun cast and vibe.

GG: It’s really fun. It’s been a fun, easygoing show. It’s awesome to get to work with such amazing actors every day. That’s such an awesome opportunity. And they are pros at it. It’s really exciting to be able to work with them.

CE: What are some of your favorite things about working on the series?

GG: You show up, and it’s something different every day. There might be some crazy scene going on. And there may be stunts or explosions. It’s just really fun to be a part of.

CE: How is the cast to work with?

GG: An overall generalization is that it’s a hilarious cast. They’re all just funny people. You’ve got these super-dramatic scenes going on, and you call cut, and then we’re all making jokes and laughing. One of my favorite parts about filming is that we just get to have fun. It’s like a flip of a switch, and we’re all crying and screaming and shooting each other. And then flip the switch back, and we’re laughing and making jokes and super-lighthearted and fun.

I got to go to Paris for episode six, and that was so much fun. It was the first time I’d ever been to Paris. It was really fun to get to work in Paris and to get to see the sights and getting to work with a mostly French crew. That was a crazy experience. You have the everyday ins and outs of getting to laugh and joke around and be a family with the cast, and then you get to do stuff like traveling to Paris. It’s been super-fun.

CE: Can you give me any spoilers for what we can expect as the season rounds out?

GG: I think it’s fair to say that there will be some romance between Emily and Tommy. I think it’s really cool how we start seeing different characters cross paths with each other. I think that’s always super-cool, how “Heroes” does that. And then there’s obviously some intense drama and more conflict in certain areas. I think it will be really cool to see what happens with all the different characters and all the different storylines. But definitely look forward to some plot twists and drama and romance.

CE: Has there been talk of having another season of this event series? I have a feeling that 13 episodes just won’t be enough for fans!

GG: I think with any show like “Heroes,” or any of these shows that have such a big following, there’s always going to be talk about more seasons, spinoffs and stuff like that. With “Heroes Reborn” right now, it’s been set as a miniseries, and that’s all we know right now. Obviously, anything can happen. And I’d be super-happy if something did happen. We’re all on our toes waiting to hear if anything will happen. We’re all in this together.

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