Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Q and A: Week of September 6

Q: First I want to thank you for giving an address to write to for people like me who have nothing to do with computers to have the chance to try to respond to all life has to offer. Please consider me for entry in your contest to win an autographed copy of Victoria Laurie’s “A Grave Prediction.” — Danan G., Chino, Calif.

A: You are very welcome, Danan. I like to give everyone a chance to win cool stuff, especially when it’s an autographed copy of a book by one of my favorite authors. I randomly drew four names to win the four copies of the book I have, and you are one of the winners! The other winners are Kimberly Fischer (who won via email entry), Lara Baker (who won via Twitter entry) and Kerri Snow-Hugmeyer (who won via Facebook entry).

I spoke with Victoria to get the inside track on “A Grave Prediction” and her insight behind having Abby working with the LA bureau of the FBI: “It’s an opportunity for Abby to explore the possibility of working with people she doesn’t trust and who don’t trust her. It’s not an easy profession, being a psychic; you get a little flinchy. You get a little defensive because you are always prepared for people to think the worst of you, for people to believe that you’ve got a screw loose or, even worse, that you’re a charlatan. It’s that attitude I really wanted to explore in this latest book. I wanted to throw Abby into a situation where she wasn’t trusted and had to prove herself again.”

Come back tomorrow to read my full and compelling interview with Victoria about “A Grave Prediction,” the end of the Ghost Hunter series, and what she’s got in store for fans next.

Q: I just got my copy of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” and I also can’t wait for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” to open. What else is happening in the Harry Potter world? — Nina F., via email

A: NBC Universal just signed a seven-year deal with Warner Bros. for exclusive broadcast and basic-cable rights to the eight “Potter” movies, as well as the three planned “Fantastic Beasts” movies. In a press release, NBC Universal announced: “Through this deal, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Japan can explore a range of new opportunities, including fan events, movie screenings, and promotional activities tied to the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise and the upcoming ‘Fantastic Beasts’ film series.”

Q: “Casual” is one of my favorite shows, and I already miss it even though season two just ended. Will it be back for another? — Nico T., via email

A: Hulu has picked up the dark-comedy series — starring Tommy Dewey and Michaela Watkins — for a third season. In more Hulu news: “The Path” is in production on its second season, while season five of “The Mindy Project” premieres this fall.

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