Friday, October 23, 2009

Marla Sokoloff Remembers Her Full House Days

I recently spoke with Marla Sokoloff (The Practice and Desperate Housewives) about her new Hallmark Channel movie, Flower Girl, which premieres Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. The story tells of an unlucky-in-love florist who soon finds herself having to choose between two suitors. The theme was especially appropriate for Marla, as she is due to be married herself exactly one week before the debut of the movie: Nov. 7.

Marla was reminiscing about her days on the ABC sitcom Full House, and these few excerpts made me titter:

  • "I was a huge fan of Full House before I was on it, like most kids in the sixth and seventh grade. When I got on it, I thought I’d be the coolest kid in school, but it actually backfired on me and I got made fun of. My mom actually had to take me out of school and home school me."
  • "I was such a huge fan of everyone, so I was really shy. I remember John Stamos being incredibly sweet."
  • "A few years back I went to see Bob Saget at the Laugh Factory. It was just by chance because a few friends were going, and they asked me to come. I never thought in a million years that Bob Saget would have any recollection of who I was, and all of a sudden I see him and he’s like: ‘Marla?!? What are you doing here?’ And I was like: ‘What? You know who I am? You remember me?’ He’s still such a sweet guy and he totally remembered my name. I was so excited."

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