Travel influencers have taken the social media world by storm, providing a unique blend of inspiration, entertainment, and information to their followers. These content creators have built strong communities on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok by showcasing their travels to exotic destinations. Tara Whiteman is an Australian influencer who shares her favorite finds with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Her publications are beautifully arranged through a kaleidoscope of colour, passing from light pink to peach to blue.

Loic Lagarde

Travelling around the world is a dream for many people. They want to experience the awe-inspiring landscapes, discover new cultures, and feel the true essence of the destination.

To show off these experiences, travel influencers share stunning photos on Instagram. They also create informative content that helps you plan your next trip.

In captions, they share their personal experiences and tips on how to shoot a great shot. They also promote their favorite travel brands and giveaways.

With over 1.7 million followers, Daniel shares beautiful views of dreamy lakes and snow-capped mountains. He also films his adventures and announces upcoming expeditions and webinars. He frequently uses hashtags in captions, separating them from the main text.

Jett and Frantzky

In 2014, Eric Stoen ditched his job in the healthcare industry to travel the world with his family. Since then, he’s visited over 90 countries and 7 continents.

This couple has amassed 71k followers thanks to their amazing photos and helpful travel tips. They are a popular choice for brands looking to promote travel-related products and services.

They travel the world together and have a huge following on Instagram. They are also known for their colorful photos and upbeat personas.

These travel influencers are taking the world by storm. Their beautiful images and inspiring stories make their audiences yearn to go on a vacation of their own.


Eric Stoen is a writer, photographer and doctor who loves to travel with his kids. He’s also the creator of a website, “TravelBabbo.”

His Instagram account is a treasure trove of beautiful landscapes from around the world that will have you wanting to pack your bags and travel soon. He also shares photos of his family exploring exotic destinations.

One of the most popular travel influencers on Instagram, Lauren Bullen, aka Gypsea_lust, inspires her followers to visit different parts of the globe and explore new cultures and places.

She aims to make her followers feel like they’ve been there and she does just that with her amazing travel pictures. She has been featured in numerous travel magazines and has collaborated with top brands such as American Express and Revolve.


Emily is a certified nurse injector who specializes in Botox and lip fillers. She works as an aesthetic nurse at Skin Tight Aesthetics and Wellness. She is also a fan of all things travel.

Emily loves to hike and surf. She also likes to keep fit by attending dance classes and strength training.

When she isn’t travelling with her family, Emily can be found reading a good book or watching a movie. She is an avid supporter of pro bono efforts and regularly staffs a legal aid helpdesk. She has represented clients in litigation and in matters involving the SEC and other regulatory agencies, and in defending against class action and complex commercial claims. She also serves on the board of directors of an impact litigation project focusing on housing and employment.

Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen is a journey photographer, content creator, and Instagrammer who is a native of Essex, United Kingdom. She started taking photos at a young age and has a passion for travelling and photography.

As a travel influencer, Tuffen shares her adventures on Instagram as well as her blog. She also gives her followers advice on hotels, restaurants, and other locations to visit.

She has a net worth of $1 million and has been featured in international publications. She has more than 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

She is known for her colorful and dreamy pictures of her travels around the world. She posts about once a week and gives her followers advice on hotels, restaurants, locations to visit, and more. She also publishes a blog that features behind-the-scenes photos, reviews of places she has visited, and product recommendations.

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