Thursday, November 12, 2009

Celebrity Q&A, Nov. 12

Q: One of my favorite rock groups of all time is KISS. Will they ever release an album of new music? — George J., Hamilton, Ohio
A: About a month ago, KISS released their first studio album in 11 years of all-new material called “Sonic Boom.” The CD features 11 new songs, a separate CD of re-recorded KISS classics and a DVD of a recent concert in Argentina. I spoke with drummer Eric Singer (pictured) about the new album and he told me: “We kind of look at the new record like another child. Sometimes you have a child that has something special or uniquely different about him, and you love all your children equally, but sometimes one of them is a little bit different, a little more special. That is the way we feel about ’Sonic Boom.’”

Q: Back in the early 1980s, there was a show on TV called “V.” I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials lately on ABC for a new show called “V.” Is this a remake of the other one? — Howard F., West Palm Beach, Fla.
A: The new “V” is based on the 1983 series; however, this ain’t your mother’s “V,” that’s for sure. The basic story line is the same: A race of aliens arrives on Earth in a fleet of huge, saucer-shaped motherships, which hover over major key cities across the world. The “Visitors” reach out in friendship, ostensibly seeking the help of humans to obtain water needed to aid their survival. In return, the Visitors promise to share their advanced technology with humanity.

However, not all is as rosy as it seems — as a resistance group will soon spell out for us. This new version of “V” is the best new show on television, by far. The special effects are feature-film quality; the writing is intelligent and time-relevant; and the acting is first-rate.

Q: I thought that the action/comedy “Chuck” was going to reappear this season, but still nothing. Is the show coming back? — Nettie A., via e-mail
A: I love to be the bearer of good news. “Chuck” was renewed for a 16-episode third season, which will begin airing on NBC (tentatively) in March 2010. Keep an eye on your local listings.

Q: Can you tell me if “Friday Night Lights” is coming back this season? We love that show. — Jan M., via e-mail
A: “Friday Night Lights” has been renewed for two more seasons, and like the previous season, it will be in conjunction with DirecTV. DirecTV airs the new season first on the 101 Network, then NBC airs the same episodes later in the year. This deal was arranged for the fledgling drama prior to the third season in order to help keep it on the air. Season 4 recently debuted on the 101 Network, with NBC airing the episodes later this spring.

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