Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday Musts

(Posting a day late on Tuesday — my bad!):
  • Must Watch Network Television: Melrose Place, Tuesday 9 p.m. (ET/PT), CW. The revamped Melrose Place, which is sagging in the ratings, is hoping that the Heather Locklear touch will help the ailing show. Heather saved the first incarnation, why not this one? Heather's Amanda Woodward returns to Melrose tonight on the CW for a reported seven-episode story arc. I hope to get more of these classic Amanda Woodward zingers: "You wanna know something? I'm glad I'm not Alison. I'm glad I'm not some ditzy little indecisive Midwestern nitwit who is so scared of life that she's running off to Seattle with some guy she barely even knows"; and "[to Alison] Personally, I never understood the virtues of packing lightly. Maybe I just don't have your flair for making one outfit work three different ways"; and "Sydney, you can put on an expensive dress, get your red hair done, clip on some earrings. Bottom line? You're still a $2 hooker ... you just have a new pimp." LONG LIVE AMANDA!

  • Must Rent DVD: Onegin with Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler. Onegin (1999) is the story of Russian nobleman and the "provincial" young beauty who falls in love with him. As the title character, Evgeny Onegin, Ralph is at once charming, arrogant, noble and immoral. No other actor could have captured the complexities of this character better than the award-winning actor. If you can get past Liv Tyler's in-and-out British accent, you'll be treated to luscious scenery along with gorgeous costumes and hairdos — all of which combine to make a period piece to die for.

  • Must See Movie: The Twilight Saga's New Moon. In case you've been under a rock, there's a little movie coming out this Friday about a vampire and a human who fall in love and the werewolf who tries to come between them. A hit with tweens and moms alike, New Moon has already broken box-office records, and it hasn't even opened yet. With the movie's enhanced budget ($50 million), viewers can expect to be treated to excellent CGI-ed fight scenes and werewolf transformations. Oh, and let's not forget, LOTS OF SPARKLE!

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