Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celebrity Q&A, Feb. 24

Q: When will my favorite show, Army Wives, be back for the new season? I’m going through some serious withdrawals here! — Cassandra F., via e-mail

A: Your wait isn’t much longer. Lifetime Television’s highest-rated series ever, Army Wives, will be back for its fourth season on Sunday, April 11, with 18 brand-new episodes. Seasons 1 to 3 are now available on DVD, so you have a month or so to catch up on anything you might have missed. (photo courtesy Lifetime Television)

Q: Last month, the advertising promos for Little People, Big World said the last show would be airing soon. I pray it means just for this season and not the FINAL show. This family has taught so many of us to be aware of little people (the way we should have been) and how many of us just did not realize how ignorant we were. My family loves the Roloff family and how honest they are about everything, and watching their children grow up is like seeing friends’ children grow up. We appreciate Matt and Amy opening up their lives, as we learn along with them and their children. — Bea K. in Canada

A: According to TLC, these were just the “last episodes” of the first half of the fifth season. Little People, Big World has gone on a winter hiatus, like many shows have been doing lately, but they will be back to finish out the season. The second half of Season 5 is scheduled to begin airing in April.

Q: I thought Ricky Gervais did a bang-up job hosting the Golden Globe Awards. Is there any chance he’ll pay a visit to The Office? — Kristin W., via e-mail

A: There is a very good chance of that happening. Ricky Gervais — who co-created the original U.K. version of the show as well as the American version with Stephen Merchant — has already made directing and writing “appearances” on the U.S. show. Ricky recently told the U.K. television show This Morning: “I quite like the idea that Michael Scott bumps into this guy [David Brent, the boss of the U.K. version of The Office] and takes him back to the office as the best bloke ever, and the office goes, 'Oh my God, there’s two of them.’ It would be devastating for the people in the office.”

Q: Back in the 1950s, there was a 15-minute sitcom called Life with Elizabeth. I remember that Betty White was the star, but I never see it mentioned when I read about her career. Was she the star, and who was the male lead? — Gerry F., Tennessee Ridge, Tenn.

A: You have quite a memory! The great Betty White did indeed play the role of Elizabeth, with Del Moore playing her husband, Alvin. Life With Elizabeth aired from 1953-55, and the DVDs can be found on and various other online sources. You also can watch nine episodes for free at

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