Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stephenie Meyer to Release Eclipse-Related Novella

(From the Associated Press)

Attention Twilight fans: Stephenie Meyer has a new book coming out.

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers will release The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner on June 5.

The novella is told from the viewpoint of Bree, a newborn vampire featured in Eclipse. That's one of the books in Meyer's best-selling teen-vampire saga.

Meyer says in a statement Tuesday the novella had originally been planned for The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide. But she says it became too long to fit into the guide.

The publisher says one dollar for each book sold in the U.S. from the first printing of 1.5 million copies will be donated to the American Red Cross International Response Fund. It supports disaster relief efforts such as those in Haiti and Chile.


  1. I'm surprised we didn't get a Twilight-related story even sooner than June, but I'll take it! I don't really remember Bree from the series -- I read them a while ago -- but I'm sure I'll pick it up.

  2. I really like the charity idea, since you know this book's gonna make a gazillion dollars.

  3. I am super-excited, as I think we have a looooooong wait (if ever) for Midnight Sun!

    and yay for charity!