Thursday, May 27, 2010

Q and A: Week of May 24

Q: One of my favorite comedic actors to come from “Saturday Night Live” since Will Ferrell is Kristen Wiig (pictured, left). When is she going to get a starring role in her own feature film? — Pamela Z., via e-mail

A: The hilarious 36-year-old actress is joining forces with Judd Apatow and Paul Feig (the “Freaks and Geeks” dynamic duo) to bring to life her untitled comedy, which she wrote and stars in. The movie features Kristen as a maid of honor who is competing with a bridesmaid (played by Rose Byrne of “Damages” on FX) for the attention of the bride. Also attached to the project are Jon Hamm (of AMC’s “Mad Men”), Dianne Wiest and “SNL” alumnus Maya Rudolph. The movie is scheduled for a May 2011 release.

Q: So many movies franchises are putting out sequels lately, i.e.: “Ironman,” “Shrek,” etc. When is my favorite franchise, “Men in Black,” going to reboot? — Kevin D., Annapolis, Md.

A: Word is that “Men in Black III” in 3-D has been green-lighted for a May 25, 2012 release date. Star Will Smith and director Barry Sonnenfeld are already aboard, and final negotiations (as of this writing) are in place with Tommy Lee Jones. There is also talk that Josh Brolin is set to portray a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character, Agent Kay.

Q: I really love all the child actors who were on “7th Heaven,” especially the girl who played the youngest daughter. Can you tell me what she is doing now? — Corrine J., Fort Worth, Texas

A: Mackenzie Rosman, who portrayed Ruthie Camden in the popular CW series, played a guest-starring role on ABC Family’s “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” as Zoe. The 20-year-old former child star also recently completed work on the horror movie, “Fading of the Cries,” which is scheduled to hit theaters later this year. Judging by the trailer, I am thinking that will wipe any traces of Ruthie Camden from your mind!

Q: I love watching “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and I am familiar with her mother, as Ellen talks about her all the time, but I don’t know if I’ve ever heard her mention any siblings. Does Ellen have any brothers or sisters? — Betty, via e-mail

A: Ellen has one sibling, a brother named Vance DeGeneres. Vance is an actor, musician and producer. He is best known for his two-year stint on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart,” where he presented “Dateline NBC”-type pieces, called “Tale of Survival,” where he would “report” a mundane experience (a cat being stuck in a tree) as a newsworthy, melodramatic occurrence. For most of 2007, he was the rhythm guitarist for the band Cowboy Mouth. He currently co-runs Carousel Productions at Warner Bros., which is Steve Carell’s production company. Carousel has quite a few projects in the hopper, including “Hi-T” and “Mail-Order Groom,” both starring Steve Carell.

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