Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Interview: Lindsay Pulsipher Mingles With Vampires

True Blood, which airs Sunday nights at 9 on HBO, has had everyone talking since the show began in 2008. The Emmy-nominated show, based on the series of best-selling books by Charlaine Harris, is known for its solid pedigree of featured stars and guest stars. New to the show this season is Lindsay Pulsipher (pictured left, photo credit JSquared Photography), who previously co-starred in The Beast with the late Patrick Swayze. Lindsay plays new-girl-in-town Crystal, and she just happens to stir up some trouble.

Celebrity Extra: When you came aboard True Blood, it was already a bona fide hit with a solid fan base. Was that intimidating for you, or did it get you excited to tackle this role?

Lindsay Pulsipher: I was over-the-moon excited. I was screaming at the top of my lungs when I got the news I’d been cast. Then once all that settled in, I realized the caliber of the show. I knew I was coming into a huge, huge show with a huge fan base and a big following. So there was a little bit of — panic sets in and then you think, “Oh man, can I pull this off and make people excited about this role?” So I hope that I’ve pulled through.

CE: Had you read any of the books before getting the part?

LP: You know when I got the part; I had not read the books. I made a conscious decision to hold off reading them, because I wanted to look at Crystal through the writers’ eyes on the show. And then once I kind of got a feeling for the character and I kind of knew where they were taking her and everything, I decided to start reading the books. I’m on the third book now, and it’s so good. I can see why people are so into it.

CE: What can you tell me about Crystal?

LP: Well, Crystal is just a really strong and spirited character. And I think that it’s every actor’s dream to kind of play a role that has a little meat to it. And there’s a lot for me to play with, with Crystal. She’s multilayered and she’s complex, and she’s got a lot of issues in her life right now. And she’s a little bit manic and it’s fun to be able to explore all those avenues and she’s definitely not one dimensional which is fun.

CE: What’s the overall atmosphere of the show; how is everyone to work with?

LP: It’s a very light and friendly set. Everybody has an amazing time and you can tell everybody just loves their job. And everybody is so happy to be there, which makes for such a pleasant environment. And that being said though, everybody is very professional and takes their job very seriously. And all the actors on the show are really dedicated to their characters, and they know their characters very well.

CE: Can you give me a tease about what going to come up in the next few episodes?

LP: I can definitely tell you that Crystal causes rifts in BT [Bon Temps], but it’s not just for Jason. She causes some problems for some of the other characters and gets herself into some trouble.

CE: Now, can you tell me if your character will be back in Season 4, or might that give something away?

LP: It’s probably best if I don’t answer that. It could potentially give away some spoilers. So I should probably stay away from that question (laughs).

CE: FlashForward was one of my favorite new shows of last season, and I was surprised to see you pop up in the last moments of the final episode as Teenaged Charlie. Have you heard anything about any possible chance of it being brought back, even if it's to another network?

LP: You know, there hasn’t been any talk of that that I know of unfortunately. I know that a lot of people really loved that show, and I think that it had amazing potential to be really great next season. But unfortunately I have not heard anything. But, that would be really cool if it did because I would really love to work on that show again.

CE: Yeah, I want to start a campaign for TNT to bring it back, or AMC, or any of those cutting-edge cable networks.

LP: Yeah, I know. I have a lot of friends who feel that same way. It had a lot of potential, and it was really different and interesting. I’m kind of sad that it’s not going to come back. But you never know, and if another cable network wants to pick it up, that would be amazing!

CE: Prior to this, you co-starred in The Beast with Patrick Swayze. Can you tell me what he was like as a person, and how he was to work with?

LP: Patrick is — was — such an amazing person and I can’t say enough things about him. He was sweet, kind, generous and had an amazingly dirty sense of humor. He was such a jokester. You know, always joking and making things so pleasant and light. Oh, he was such an inspiration. I can’t say enough good things about him. [Going through cancer treatment while shooting the show] really put things into perspective for me. Like if I was kind of tired or my call time was at an ungodly hour, it made me think twice of even complaining inside my head because I knew what he was going through. Never once did he come to work unprepared. He was always in top-notch form. And it was so inspiring to see.

CE: Tell me about the feature film you star in, The Oregonian.

LP: The film is amazing. It’s kind of an art horror film, if you will. My character is this girl who’s leaving home and, without giving too much away, she’s gets into a car accident. And she kind of wakes up and doesn’t know if she’s alive or dead or in purgatory somewhere. And it’s her journey discovering that. And she encounters a lot crazy things along the way, and it’s really different. I’ve never done anything like it. It’s really different and bizarre, and I’m really excited about it.

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