Monday, May 16, 2011

Q and A: Week of May 16

Q: I was so excited to watch one of my all-time favorite actors, Ed Asner, co-starring in CMT’s “Working Class.” Now that the show won’t be back for a second season, what are Ed’s plans? — Martha F., Altoona, Pa.

A: The great Ed Asner has just signed on to “Royal Pains” in a multi-episode guest-starring stint. Ed will appear in two episodes as the grandfather of Hank and Evan, played by Mark Feuerstein and Paulo Constanzo, respectively. The 81-year-old iconic sitcom actor will appear in the show’s upcoming third season, which premieres on Wednesday, June 29, on USA.

Q: I was reading that “21 Jump Street” is going to be remade into a feature film. Is that true? If so, will any of the series’ original stars be making a cameo? I am sure Richard Grieco has some time. — Pat R., via e-mail

A: Actually, you might be surprised to learn that Officer Tom Hanson himself, Johnny Depp, plans to make a cameo in the movie adaptation of the TV series that helped launch his stellar Hollywood career. The remake — which will star Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube and Rob Riggle — is due to hit theaters in March 2012. Also, I am sure Richard Grieco will jump on the cameo bandwagon if he’s asked — unless he’s waiting for the big-screen version of “Booker.”

Q: My sister was telling me about a new reality show about “Glee” where they search for the next cast member. Can you tell me more about that and where I can see it when it airs? — Rhonda M., via e-mail

A: Beginning Sunday, June 12, Oxygen will air “The Glee Project.” From Ryan Murphy, the creator and Emmy award-winning executive producer of “Glee,” and executive producer of “Glee” Dante Di Loreto, this 10-episode competition series will find and train a group of 12 singers who will compete against one another to win a seven-episode guest-starring role on “Glee.” Also, a group of “Glee” series regulars will appear as guest mentors in each episode. Fan favorite Darren Criss will make a guest appearance in the series premiere as the first of these mentors. Darren joined the cast last season as Blaine and quickly became a breakout sensation.

Q: I really miss watching one of my favorite political pundits, Keith Olbermann, on MSNBC. Why hasn’t some other cable network snapped him up yet? — Kellie H., Knoxville, Tenn.

A: Cable network Current TV has done the snapping-up honors. The network announced that Keith Olbermann will return to the air June 20, hosting a weeknight news-commentary hour called “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Keith left MSNBC in January and apparently signed on with Current TV less than a month later. For those unfamiliar with the station, Current TV is the public-affairs channel launched in 2005 by former vice president Al Gore and Joel Hyatt.

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