Monday, May 2, 2011

Q and A: Week of May 2

Q: I read on your website that Animal Planet has greenlit a new series called “Sweet Avenger,” about a vegan baker who also is an animal-rights activist. This idea is dear to my heart, as I am a vegan. How did the chef get her start? — Alice F., via e-mail

A: This new series follows vegan chef and businesswoman Danielle Konya as she shares her vegan lifestyle via her delicious desserts and animal-rights activism. I spoke with Danielle recently, and she explained to me how the idea for starting up her bakery, Vegan Treats, came about.

“I was just trying to find a way to satisfy my own sweet tooth by making vegan desserts. My mom would always bake, and I’d try some of her recipes, but minus the egg, minus the milk. People loved it. Friends would come over and ask, ‘Did you make any vegan treats?’ And that’s where the name of Vegan Treats came from.

“I quickly realized that creating delicious desserts was the key to getting people to eat vegan. You can talk to people all day long about being vegan, but the second you give them cake, all of a sudden they are paying attention.”

“Sweet Avenger” will start airing this summer on Animal Planet; check back later this week for my full interview with Danielle.

Q: I really like the new comedy on CMT called “Working Class,” and I wondered if it will be back for a second season. I really hope so — it’s such a breath of fresh air. — Gary D., Nashville, Tenn.

A: I’m sorry to tell you that CMT’s first sitcom, “Working Class,” has been canceled after airing all 12 episodes of its first season. I spoke with series star Patrick Fabian earlier this year about the possibility of a pick-up, and he said that while he was keeping his fingers crossed, he has been in this business long enough not to plan on anything. “The best thing I can probably do is buy a first-class nonrefundable airline ticket to somewhere, and then they’ll pick it up,” he said. “That’s usually the way it works.”

Q: This season I have enjoyed watching “Detroit 1-8-7″ with Michael Imperioli. Will it be back on ABC next year? — Dorothy P., via email

A: Things aren’t looking good for the police-procedural crime drama. While ABC has not made an official statement as of this writing, low ratings usually tell the tale best, so my money is on “canceled.”

Q: When is the new season of “Breaking Bad” on AMC starting? It’s one of my favorite shows! — Liz in California

A: While an exact date has not yet been announced, instead of its usual springtime premiere, “Breaking Bad” will return in July for its fourth season. To help bridge the gap between seasons, you can watch three mini episodes online at and check out what lies ahead for season four.

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