Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Interview: Aiden Turner Is The Perfect Boyfriend

Aiden Turner
When soap fans last saw Aiden Turner, his “All My Children” character, Aidan Devane, was being carted away to prison. While we’re used to seeing Aiden as a good guy — until those last few months on “AMC” when his character got the “soap treatment” and turned bad — his character in the new Lifetime Movie Network thriller “The Perfect Boyfriend” (airing July 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT) is anything but perfect. I spoke with Aiden recently about his new role, and the chance to sink his teeth into a really bad-guy role.

Celebrity Extra: What was is about this movie, and the role of Jacob, that made you want to be a part of this project?

Aiden Turner: I’ve always played the good guy. I’ve never played a bad guy, I suppose, until the end of “All My Children.” The movie was originally called “Deceit,” but they changed it because of so many other movies called “Deceit” over the past five to 10 years. So now, it being “The Perfect Boyfriend,” it has a very innocent movie title, but then when you watch it, you see that it’s one guy who is very deceitful. It was a very interesting role, and I thought it would be very enjoyable to play. It seemed like a very good script that I could definitely handle and do something different with.

CE: Tell me about working with the cast.

AT: Jen (Jennifer Taylor, “Quinn”) is very professional, and she’s just a delight to work with on-camera and off-camera behind the scenes. She’s very funny and witty. And she’s adorable. She’s very generous as well. She’s a generous actress on the screen. She’s always there. She knows her lines. She’s always prepared, and she takes risks. So, she’s enjoyable to work with.

And then Ashley Scott (“April”), well, she’s done movie after movie after movie. She’s very experienced and very good-looking, but she has a powerful energy. She definitely got my attention on-screen, and she’s a pleasure to look at and to work with. And there were some love scenes. It was the second day of shooting when we did them. We didn’t even have time to really get to know one another. We were thrown into the deep end, but she’s a professional.

Aiden and Jennifer Taylor
CE: With the seriousness of the movie, I hope you were able to have some fun between shots.

AT: Yeah, absolutely. When the cameras weren’t rolling, we were laughing and joking around. There were some days that were 14, 15 hours long, so you need to sort of laugh just to help you get through the day.

CE: What was your reaction when you heard that Prospect Park was resurrecting “All My Children” and “One Life to Live”?

AT: I’m excited for the fans, mainly, and I knew it was a long, hard road for a couple of the producers involved from ABC who also lost their jobs. When it aired on ABC, it had a 2 million to 3 million viewership, and to let that go to earn more profit, it let the fans down. It’s kind of sad. Now that it’s back online, that is very exciting. That first week, it was the No. 1 show downloaded on the Internet, so that made me very happy.

CE: Would you reprise your role of Aidan Devane if you were asked? I think he’s about due to be sprung from prison.

AT: Absolutely. Whether on “All My Children” or “General Hospital” — you know that Finola Hughes is Aidan’s aunt, Anna Devane, on “GH.” Being on one of those shows, or even both, I would definitely be interested. It was so much fun — a big part of my life.

CE: Tell me about the cookbook you were working on last time we spoke. What kinds of foods and recipes will it cover?

AT: Foods from back home in England. Really healthy stuff for breakfast, healthy stuff for dinner. Also a section of food that’s easy to cook that you can cook in under 10 minutes. It will contain recipes to make decent cocktails, summer cocktails or for different events and things like that. And also different kinds of shakes — health shakes and smoothie shakes that you can have for a healthy snack that contain all great nutrients, which not only keep you alive but give you energy and whiten your eyes and just make you feel better every day.

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