If you’re looking for a list of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends, then you’ve come to the right place. This list includes everything from Harry Styles to Tom Hiddleston.

If you’ve ever listened to Taylor Swift’s music, chances are you’ve heard about her various exes. Although she keeps her personal life private, there’s no denying that she has had some very high-profile relationships. Here are some of her famous exes.

Jake Gyllenhaal was a singer who briefly dated Taylor Swift in 2010. Their relationship was documented in the song “All Too Well”. Harry Styles is another famous exed by Taylor Swift. Their relationship lasted for a short period of time, but it became an iconic moment for both of them. After their relationship ended, many fans were still obsessed with the couple. Calvin Harris was also a rumored love interest of Taylor Swift. The two reportedly dated for about 15 months.

John Mayer

There is no denying that Taylor Swift has had plenty of breakups. This includes her relationship with John Mayer.

Taylor Swift and John Mayer briefly dated in 2009. She reportedly dated him for a year. They broke up shortly after. The singer wrote a song about the relationship.

According to Rolling Stone, the singer felt embarrassed by her song. It evokes the ugly breakup she had with John, but it also features the singer’s sweet smile.

Taylor’s fans have been speculating about which ex-boyfriend inspired each song. Some believe it’s John. Others claim that it’s Travis. Whatever the case, the singer’s lyrics don’t make the relationship sound very flattering.

Jake Gyllenhaal

If you’ve been watching Taylor Swift’s career, you may have noticed a lot of speculation about her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Although they dated for three months, they broke up at the end of the year. This was after Swift turned 21.

Taylor and Jake reportedly had an amicable breakup. It seems like both of them were quite cool with one another, and they even had coffee in Nashville. After this, they walked through the city. However, the two didn’t show up for Taylor’s 21st birthday.

When Taylor Swift’s fourth album, “Red,” dropped, fans began to wonder if the song was about Jake. In the 10-minute version of the song, Taylor revealed that she had a little bit more insight into her former lover’s motivations.

Harry Styles

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dated for a few months. They even managed to go on a vacation together. However, the relationship quickly deteriorated. The two broke up in January 2013.

One reason for this is that Taylor and Styles aren’t exactly the best of friends. While they have been photographed and filmed together, they aren’t known to be inseparable. Besides, the relationship was far from healthy.

In the fall of 2012, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles started dating. After a tumultuous three months, they ended their relationship. Their short-lived romance was met with some criticism. Some One Direction fans pointed out that the relationship was a little bit of a letdown.

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift met during the summer of 2016. They were romantically linked for months and then broke up in September.

Swift and Hiddleston met at the Met Gala and the two shared a dance. Hiddleston was also seen dancing at the Selena Gomez concert in Nashville. After meeting, they spent time together in Rome, Italy, and Nashville.

Tom Hiddleston dated Taylor Swift for three months. The pair were photographed cuddling in Rhode Island, Australia, and Italy. Their relationship reached a peak at the Met Gala when they shared a kiss.

After the breakup, Swift and Hiddleston continued to spend time together. They reportedly had a tryst on a beach near her Rhode Island mansion.

Joe Alwyn

One of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends is actor Joe Alwyn. The two have been spotted together numerous times in London. It was also reported that they were frolicking in the ocean in Turks and Caicos. Several of the tracks on Swift’s latest album are rumored to be about her relationship with Alwyn.

“The Great War” is one of the songs on Swift’s new album, but it’s not just about the conflict between the two of them. In fact, it’s about the public scrutiny that the pair is facing.

The song is about a romantic interest whose obsessive love is questioned by the press. Similarly, “The Big Thrill” is about a romance that climaxes in a fireworks display.